Favorites Photos from 2022

Motorcycling in Chile, adventure in Costa Rica, and a month in Istanbul.

Horseback in Costa Rica, Spring 2022

View from Hawk Hill, San Francisco, Fall 2022

Manhattan Classic Car Club, Summer 2022

Nick in Rancagua, Winter 2022

Cappadoccia, Summer 2022

Seattle from the sky, Summer 2022

Twins in Seattle, Summer 2022

Los Angeles, Summer 2022

Angela at ETH Denver, Winter 2022

Sunset in Malibu, Summer 2022

Beach riding, Costa Rica, Spring 2022

Jasper, New York, Winter 2022

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Summer 2022

Seattle, Summer 2022

Pichilemu to Boyaruca, Chile, Winter 2022

Cappadocia, Summer 2022

Hidden waterfall, Costa Rica, Spring 2022

Two bridges, New York, Winter 2022

Empire State Building, Spring 2022

Classic cars in Cappadocia, Summer 2022

Pichilemu, Chile, Winter 2022

Balloons from above, Cappadocia, Summer 2012

Pals, Yenikoy, Istanbul, Summer 2012

San Francisco, Fall 2022

Cat nap, Summer 2022

Bikes in Bucalemu, Winter 2022

Afternoon sun, NYC, Fall 2022

Costa Rica, Spring 2022

Costa Rica, Spring 2022