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Sketch (Bohemian Coding), UI Design, iOS Design, Logos/Branding


Redesigned the Goodreads web experience.

Sketch (Bohemian Coding), UI Design


StackOverflow for teachers. Designed branding and web UI.

Sketch (Bohemian Coding), Adobe Illustrator, UI Design, User Research, Wireframing, Logos/Branding

Leak Detector

A Human-Computer Interaction Research Project on internet security.

Web Development, Sketch (Bohemian Coding), UI Design, Graphic Design


An iOS email app concept based on Tinder's cards UI.

Sketch (Bohemian Coding), UI Design, iOS Design

Branding & More

A collection of my other design work.

Sketch (Bohemian Coding), Adobe Illustrator, Logos/Branding, Social Media Materials

Icons in UI Design

Paper and presentation about the history and use of icons in GUIs.

Slide Design (Keynote), Writing, Research

Student Voice

Integrating student voices into the education reform conversation.

Co-Founder, Project Management, Logos & Branding

College Freelancing

Designed profile badges for an online forum for freelancers.

Sketch (Bohemian Coding), Graphic Design